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Hello there.

I am Sevastiana Vogiatzi.

I studu physics.

With my father Paul, a mechanic  and my mother Lemonia, a mathematician, we create a warm, elbow and hospitable guesthouse for you, the ''Lemonia   Apartments''.


Our guesthouse offers you the occasion to visit and enjoy our beautiful island, Symi, with

its neo classical town, wonderful virgin beaches, 169 churches and picturesque generally.


We chose to build our apartments in the harbor of Pedi, wich is a small and quiet settlement near the sea.

The distance between Pedi and Village, the main town of the island is 5 minutes by car.

The distance between Pedi and Gialos the main harbor of the island, is 10 minutes by car.

Symi provideprivate and public means of trasports (taxis, municipal bus) wich you can use for easy and rapid transporation.





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